Self-Shooting Director

Videographer & Camera Operator

Freelance, London Based, Kit Provided

Over the years, I’ve developed a versatile skill set, offering a range of specialized services, including Directing, Camera Operating, Timelapse & Hyperlapse, Drone Operating, and Editing. While I take pride in my expertise across all these areas, my primary focus remains on Camera Operating and Directing video. With extensive experience in handling various camera systems, gimbals, lights, rigging, and shooting styles, I am an experienced and reliable Self-Shooting Director with an extensive kit list which you can find linked above in the menu. I pride myself on my professionalism and quality of output, and I am really passionate about providing value to my clients.

Individual Approach

I bring a blend of creativity, reliability, and professionalism to every project I work on. I've developed this approach over nearly a decade of freelance work, working with amazing clients.

Other Skills

My varied skill set allows me to contribute across multiple areas, helping productions optimize costs and crew size. See my Timelapse & Hyperlapse, Editing, and Drone pages for more.

Cameras & Lenses

High level of expertise across multiple camera and lens manufacturers. Including Sony FX9/FX6, Mirrorless, Canon C300/C500, Panasonic, Blackmagic, GoPro, Insta360


High level of expertise using gimbals, including the DJI Ronin System. I am an owner of an RS3 Pro System and RS3 Mini. I've logged a lot of hours gimbal operating over the years.

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