Hi. I'm Charlie Johnston. A Freelance Self-Shooting Director, London based.

Self-Shooting Director | Camera Op | Videographer | Drone Op | Timelapse & Hyperlapse Op

My Services

Hi there,  my name is Charlie, and I’ve been a Freelance Self-Shooting Director and Videographer for a decade now, based out of London. My skill-set is varied, which sets me apart from standard operators, as I offer a host of complementary skills that can bring added value to my clients and their projects. I’m very comfortable in the following roles: Self-Shooting Director, Director, DP, Camera Operator, Timelapse & Hyperlapse Shooter, Drone Operator, 360° Video Operator, and Editor.

 My experience spans a wide range of industries and video types, from corporate interviews and branded content to documentaries and promos. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some very big names including Alexander McQueen, Amazon, Google, and Disney to name a few. I pride myself on my adaptability, professionalism, and understanding of video production and story formats.

Qualifications: BA jt Honours French and & History (2:1), Drone BNUC-S and A2CoC qualifications, BPSS Security Clearance, Fluent French, Clean driver’s license.

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Self-Shooting Director & Videographer

My primary skill-set remains as a Self-Shooting Director, Camera Operator, and Videographer. Find out more here.

An image of a phantom 2 with go pro at sunset

Drone Operator

Learn about my expertise and offerings as a Drone Operator here, detailing my capabilities in aerial cinematography and my experience in the industry.

An a slow shutter image of Tower Bridge in London, showing the arches and light streaks caused by cars.

Timelapse & Hyperlapse Operator

Find out more about my skills as a Timelapse and Hyperlapse Operator, along with a more in depth look at my experince in this field.

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Find insights into my work as a Freelance Editor, where I break down my editing skill and experience across my 8 year freelance career.

Client Testimonials

The client photos aren’t real, but the lovely people and their kind words very much are!

"The hyperlapses and 360 video content you created for our transport campaign were amazing!"

Paul Curtis


"We love your work and want to thank you for letting us use it in our documentary!"

Grace Remington

Radical Media / Es Devlin Netflix Doc

"We are so impressed with all the work you've done for us!"

John Kay

North Star Digital

"This is the best (case study) video of this type we've ever seen!"

Ross Kelly


"Charlie is one of our most dependable freelancers and his output is always great!"

Martin Robins

BT Sport

"Thanks so much for all your hard work, Jonathan (Glazer) loved your work and it's been used as the teaser for the whole campaign!"

Bugs Hartley

Academy Films / Alexander McQueen

"We absolutely love the (ice tea) promos you've made, they're brilliant!"

Matt Bramford


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